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2019 Year In Review Dry Eye Treatment Outcomes

2019 was a great year in terms of treatment of dry eye. We brought Intense Pulsed Light into Valley Eye Clinic in February.  Over the course of the year, we treated over 100 people with non-pharmaceutical treatments.  With the addition of IPL, we treated 25 people with our ultimate dry eye treatment, which includes IPL, MiboFlo, and a patient take home package of supplements, tears, and lid cleaner.  

And the results are in! 

We monitored these patients closely over the course of the year, seeing them back for four treatments, and then every 3 months.  Patients had varying levels of gland atrophy, signs of ocular surface disease, symptoms, and presentations, but as our Ultimate Dry Eye Treatment package hits every aspect of dry eye, we treated all these patients the same.  

Of the 100 patients treatments, 25 of them elected for the Ultimate Package, which includes 4 IPL treatments, 4 MiboFlo treatments, Omega 3/black current seed oil, warm compress, hypocholorous lid spray, and tears. 

 Of the 25 patients that did the full treatment, 23 noted significant improvement in their dry eye symptoms. 

 We also had a number of patients whose main complaint was excessively watery eyes, and they too found significant relief.  One particular patient noted that she used to carry tissues in her knee high boots, so she could use the tissue to dab at the water running down her face from her eyes, and then discretely place the tissue back in her boot. She noted she no longer needed to do this after being treated with our dry eye regiment. 

We continue to see great outcome with our current dry eye treatment, and plan to continue this for all our patients into 2020!

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