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Factors involved in Surface Disease Part 1 of 4: Biofilm

A thorough dry eye evaluation requires time spent evaluating 4 things.

  1. Biofilm
  2. Aqueous (water on the eye)
  3. Meibomian Glands
  4. Tear film

In this 4 part blog, we discuss each of these 4 key points, and what the eye health professional should be looking for, and what treatment options are available.

Point number 1 is biofilm. Bacteria is present on our eyelids at all times. This good bacteria, just like bacteria in the gut, are helpful to the lid and ocular surface. However, having excess bacteria is not a good thing, and often the bi-product of the cellular function of these bacteria mix with old sweat, oils, and dead dry skin on the eye lid margin, resulting in what we call the biofilm. This biofilm can be seen clearly with the use of a green dye called Lissamine Green. Another indicator of biofilm are small bubbles along the eyelid margin, indicating the bacteria is actually feeding on the oil and debris of the lid. is If you have eyes, you probably have biofilm deposits. Luckily, with good hygiene and using a quality antibacterial, anti-biofilm product, this layer can quickly and easily be removed from the lid, resulting in smoother, softer lids, and reduced irritation from bacteria.

Products like Avenova or EyeLove Lid and Lash spray are vital for addressing biofilms. The low low concentration of hypocholorous acid quickly and effectively removes the biofilm from the lids. Used twice daily, spray one spray onto a cotton swab, and rub this through your lashes at the lid margin to remove the biofilm. DO NOT RINSE. The acidic solution with continue to fight biofilm buildup throughout the day.

Once again, if this aspect of the lid is NOT being addressed, then you are not treating the ocular surface disease to the fullest degree. Any as you see, its VERY simple to start getting relief.

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